Recounting recent: Dork

A ‘Zork like’ text based rpg called…

My team and I wrote dork in python using scrum implementation of agile method, delivering working fully tested iterations of the code according to product owner specifications derived from customer requests in two week sprints. Documentation is on ‘readthedocs’.

We used github for version control with travis-ci and sonarcloud for continuous integration and inspection. The full repository is public on github.

Each new game randomly generates a maze and factories populate the world with descriptions, interactive items and NPC’s from databases. Games can be saved and loaded with persistence of the game state, map, inventory, NPC’s and points.

The project turned out well and was a pleasure to work on. Working with team brought new difficulties the work and complexity of the project we were able to achieve within a short time frame was far beyond what could have been done individually. I have some future expansions planned for the game so stay tuned!