Relying upon the illusion of totally deterministic hardware and the subsequent locally optimal software design does not persist at scale.

5D hypercube here thanks to a lineage of a James after a Paul who was before a Peter following Oliver [most recently from the 5dstm, 5-dimensional Space-Time-Matter Consortium].

When engaging computational systems at scale these issues are undeniably common knowledge. So we have google to thank for open sourcing their Kubernetes project, circa 2015.

Enter Kubernetes:

(Picture one)Kubernetes Tribute here created with mini/dall-e model from huggingface[…]

Since being able to access the full dall-E model an update was in order with some enhanced remixes.

Kubernetes, a container orchestration system for automating software deployment, scaling, and management. Kubernetes delivers a more resilient and robust architecture.

This has allowed for the scaling of systems to:

While being administered and managed through interfaces like:

The cluster architecture is able to accomplish some more complex behaviors like self healing and some self organization.

Lens has a nice visualization extension which gives a visual rendering of the pods and their direct networked connections with one another in a 2d slice. This is a compilation of recording from a few other clusters, some much larger than this 10 rpi 4b shown in the other tools examples.

[Ku]bernetes tools

Lens also has decent ui/ux for administering and monitoring clusters.


K9s is a cli-console based program for management and administration


Arguably the smoothest administrator interface experience is with Kubenav from your cellphone or desktop.

Longhorn: distributed block storage

Longhorn allows for basically single command setup of dynamically sized distributed block storage for k8s.

To flesh out this topic area going to split into a couple more posts, to be cont. […]